Qsat software

Qsat software

A couple of weeks ago i informed the house about the new qsat software that was released for only q23 and q26 resepectively but at last there is a software that works for q28 now. The software is design to perform the same functions just like its predecessors q23 and q26 are currently functioning.

I mean the software opens powervu autoroll, mytv on 16 east and canalplus.

TrackWise QMS Software

I learnt from a close source that canalplus is offline but mytv and powervu is working fine with this new software. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content A couple of weeks ago i informed the house about the new qsat software that was released for only q23 and q26 resepectively but at last there is a software that works for q28 now.

Dstv nigeria is still available at an affordable prices as well Iptv android boxes the future solution. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Eleven sport Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.It brings all of your quality processes together in a single place and helps automate them.

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qsat software

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PowerVU Software Updates For Freesat/GT Media, Strong And Qsat Receiver

PRIME - Real Estate Management System Overview Real Estate Management System is an online real estate web application that manages the overall operational activities and processes, starting from the management of the property, to the management of real estate agencies, agents, clients and financial transactions.The constellation will deliver an unsurpassed combination of capacity, speed, security, resiliency, latency and low cost.

Each satellite will operate as a full blockchain node, and connect with its peers in orbit and on the ground to establish a complete mesh network that will be resistant to external control. Developing incentivized, self-sustainable, quantum mesh network based on blockchain technology.

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qsat software

Qubit antenna and Qubitfi technology uses software to electronically point and steer toward a satellite; this means the terminal will auto-commission and auto-provision, allowing for rapid setup and installation.

British Virgin Islands. QBroadband QBroadcasting. Watch Video. Read More. Capitalizing on the physical satellite network architecture of QSAT, utilization of blockchain technology presents a unique opportunity to provide enhanced security and transaction capabilities within a decentralized network system. Powered by quantum communication technology for data collecting, quantum computing, smart city deployment, data storage.

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Email info qsat. Previous Next.Dear readers, the software here worked only as at the time they were released. It should be noted that most of the software will not open encrypted channels by default as qsat series have lost their mojo in terms of preloaded iks accounts. I hereby present to you our Qsat Software download archive.

If you are downloading any software from this link, let it be known that you are downloading it either to fix a software bug, add a feature e. Unfortunately, the model of qsat that can load and use dqcam are limited.

I have only confirmed the following models as the once that currently supports dqcam. Currently the latest qsat software has at least three bugs: 1. All these will be solved in this article. Download, extract and load it as usual via USB cable. I pray qsat team do something that will make every qsat decoder out there with a valid code to start working.

Secondly, if you are planning to buy a new qsat code for your qsat, you need to first load this software. Furthermore, if you are currently finding it difficult to load a qsat code, please try loading it again with this software. Thanks to Mr Allan from Uganda for the provision of this software. To those using this software I say congratulations because you can now download, install and load a new spycam code into your Xmaster 2 also know as qsat q Now there has been a solution to fix this message.

Download Qsat Q23G firmware here. This menu option can only be restored unto it when you download and load the software am providing here. I am not able to on sharing CCAM.

Could you please tell me the 4 digit code to on sharing. Waiting for your reply…. For information about tracking fta channels, please speak with your local satellite installer. Guys please help me i upgraded my q13 with q11 sofware and it started working after just yesterday around 7pm it started connect to server till now still not working ive tried all sim cards available yet to no avail can somone help aking mine is q Leave it on a working channel and go to sharing and leave it there after sometime it will working since it has worked before.

I was lucky the 13g worked till around pm. From 6pm and it goes back to connecting to server,am using mtn,what can ido again? I have upgraded, downgraded, subscribed for data, used a modem, used the GPRS, switched to AMC, left it in sharing, gone round everything. I feel there are specific decoders that work and not all are lucky to get theirs work, meanwhile our own expiring date just dey go.

Kobby,just download v7 and use same method of upgrading. Any sports channels working apart from ss4 n blizt house? BUt pls can you send me or paste here the older version so dat i can downgrade. Pls, Mr Lemmy, I want to know from you if I cant watch dstv on my qsat again.

Because ever since you updated us with the new software V8. Please what is happening to my code, is it that my code is offline or what. I need server bc mine expired since last month, pls how can I get one and which is stable and current. Pls LM PM me. Am also using Tigo n s working for me. Am using mtn in Ghana n only blitz is working as I type this.About two days ago, i uploaded two software for both qsat q11g and q13g decoders, Along the line, we discovered that the q13g software was buggy.

T he sofware was released in response to the instability and lack of coverage of the last one. All of these software will restore your decoder s to factory settings as if you just bought it. This means you must set everything up from scratch.

In similar vein, if you have previously installed a cccam account, everything will be wiped out, and you will have to re-enter your cccam details into your decoder all over. You will still have to reconfigure your decoder to use your preferred internet connection. How can i re-activate or view my avatarcam code? Gud day sir, pls my qsat 13g just stop powering on. Tanimu, are you trying to say your q23g is currently running software v6? If your qsat is running software v7, their is no newer software for now sir.

It successfully connects showing the avatar cam remaining days but play channels. Baffour, there is no durable or stable solutions currently. Hi lemmy, my qsat 11g is changing channel by itself. Plz any advice on how I can fix it. Thank for any response from you.

Coffret Q26G

Thanks a lot lemmy for all u r doing for guys. I gbosa for you. Pls my QSAT23g has not being able to show any scrambled channels for up to 5 days now though it connects to server, shows avatar code and expiry. It also steams iptv channels.

qsat software

I use 3g wt airtel. Avatar code 45…. Is it a general qsat issue or do I need to tweat my decoder? Much love bro. But when u try avatarCamHD, i get cannot connect server.

PLease try later. Dear Lemmy kindly help me get ss3ni because I totaly failed to get the channel after full scan blind scan, and upgrade. I own a qsat q23g. Good evening my honorable lemmy. I noticed that the ss3nig and ss5nig I recently add that worked with great stability has been cracking up like a cd that is skiping while playing.

Qsat Software Reloaded- Get latest working software for Q23G, Q13G, Q15G, Q11G+ & Q13G+

Pls what must be the cause. Am using q13g decoder. Is it just me or its a global problem emanating fro their servers? Lemmy how can i get 1yr account for Qsat 11g and if my Qsat 23g expired can i get 1yr TV1 account to use on it?

Great LM! My Qsat 13 started showing super sports channels yesterday. I watched Everton vrs QPR. May thanks for the updates. Please house how do i get the V6. I need account for my Azsky Super G1. How do I get it from you.The internet is the contemporary best source of information. Information reaching me as of yesterday claims that most or all qsat q11g, q13g and q15g decoders which refuse to upgrade to the latest version, shall stop working on January 1,until they upgrade to the latest firmware In this article, i have uploaded the software for q11g, q13g and q15g.

Am doing this to prove a point of selflessness and flexibility. Some ppl out there will be trying to sell the software which is bad. Some will delay giving it to their customers while some may even ask their customers to bring the decoder to them to upgrade either for a fee or free of charge. Whichever way others used in upgrading qsat for their customer, i am choosing the best way which is providing it free of charge and giving you hint on how to load it. I received the software free of charge, so am giving it out free of charge.

The software was more of a security and performance upgrade. I have tested it myself and I notice no bug. It is tagged version 5. In spite of the fact that i have personally tested this software on my qsat q11g, i also scanned the file with Bit defender Antivirus total security and there is no virus of any kind in this file, I am not to be held liable for any mistake or negligence on the part of anybody using this software.

This is because if you jettison my instructions and warnings, you may soft-brick your qsat soft bring translates to damaging the software part of your device.

The reason being that after the upgrade, your qsat will be reset to factory settings and as a result, three major things will happen to your qsat immediately after the upgrade.

Dear lemmy, Are there any latest updates for q13g. Reading through your atticles most were written years back. Please help.

Lemmy Dear, i wrote earlier about upgrading my Q13G model. You suggested i save the program and use later. When i tried to download it, i drew a blank site.

Can u help? My code expires tonight. How do I get the new spy cam code? Help pls. Hi Lemme Your site is very insightful. I wish to upgrade but get confused with the different V5 and V6 issue with the associated 54xxxx and56xxxx. I got the Q13G decoder but had no manual so everything is like a mirage about the unit.

Help please. Sam Arkorful; please read the followings: IMPORTANT: Before You can load your new account into your qsat decoder successfully, you must first upgrade your qsat decoder to the latest available software which was released in September You can download this software from the link below:.

Thanks boss. Seems my set is blocked. Trying to set a new transponder does not even work. The one who sold me the decoder takes it away for renewal.

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